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“I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone, and particularly Roz, at WMP Benevolent Fund.  I felt I was slowly sinking with my debts and it came to a stage where all I was thinking about was my debts.

I took the step in contacting the Benevolent Fund and I can honestly say it was the best move.

The hardest thing was admitting I’d let things slip so far but the Ben Fund was so helpful, not condescending, not judging but genuinely helpful and friendly, I can’t thank you enough.

The Fund put me in touch with PayPlan who helped me organise my finances and contact my creditors.

It was a huge relief to tell people what was going on, the advice and help I received was and still is the best.

Thank you all so much.”   Serving officer

“Thank you SO much for the gift voucher which arrived on Friday. I’d forgotten all about being entitled to receive one, so it was a lovely surprise.

Thank you Roz, also, for taking the trouble to include a card, and your kind words. I’m pleased to report that I’m making good progress after back surgery. Best wishes to you all.”  Retired officer

“Having gone through rather a difficult period following my marriage break up and finding myself in a low point in my life, I needed to find a new home but had few possessions with which I could furnish a new place to live. As a member of the WMP Benevolent Fund I was advised to contact them for help. They immediately came to my assistance and awarded me a grant to buy the essentials for my new home for which I am extremely grateful. I now find myself in a position where I can make a new start in my life and look forward to the future, something the help of the Ben Fund has now made possible. When times are difficult it is encouraging to know that help is there which, when you are going through a difficult period in your life, can make the difference. It has for me.” Serving officer

“Going to the WMP Benevolent Fund was like walking from a very lonely dark place to somewhere brighter.

“Serving for the police we spend most of our professional lives caring for the public… but sometimes we need to be cared for too.

“The Ben Fund offered to lighten my load when I needed help. I would urge any police family member to join, either to help others knowing one day everyone needs a helping hand, or to take comfort that the Ben Fund is there for you in your hour of need and will help. There are not many people who will offer to do that.

“After 23 years police service, a messy divorce and 2 young children the Benevolent Fund was there as my safety blanket, just as officers are there for the public day in day out.”    Serving officer

“I started paying into the Benevolent Fund at the tender age of 19. At that age you can’t comprehend you may actually ask for help from it at a later stage in life. Forty years on I found myself asking the Fund for assistance.

I’d just like to say how wonderful and helpful the Benevolent Fund staff have been in helping me to change a bathroom, I could not use because of my declining health, into a shower room.

Each step of the way Roz and her team were there to help and support me through the process. Their extensive knowledge was invaluable. So many thanks one and all.

Finally to those who are just starting out in the police service I would urge you to join the Benevolent Fund because one thing is certain in life… time moves forward and never back and maybe one day in the future  you will need help like I did.” Retired police officer

“In times of hardship and circumstances beyond my control, the Benevolent Fund came good for me, they listened and understood. I have never had cause to use them for anything before this month, but when they were needed they went above and beyond for me. I would like to pass on my sincere thanks and appreciation to Jan and the team, for all your help and support.” Serving officer

“I would like to express my thanks at receiving the £30 Love to Shop vouchers whilst I was off sick. At a time when I was feeling quite low, they were a lovely surprise and enabled me to treat myself to something nice to cheer myself up. I think it is a lovely way to bring some cheerfulness to anyone who is off sick and feeling under the weather and wish to express my sincere gratitude.” Staff member for West Midlands Police Federation

“My wife and I are so grateful to the WMP Benevolent Fund for their generous support. The grant to help pay for our stair lift has made life a lot easier and a great deal better and more enjoyable for us. Without your support we would have had to consider alternative living arrangements, that quite honestly, neither of us were happy with.

Words cannot convey what the stair lift and the support means to us. May you all continue with your good work for many years to come.”  Retired officer

“The cost to replace my boiler and do necessary repairs was too much for me and I didn’t know who else to turn to. Then one morning I noticed the Benevolent Fund newsletter between some magazines in the kitchen and rang their number in the hope they would offer some help.

“I’m so glad I did because within weeks they had agreed to pay for a new boiler, shower and two new radiators. I finally had hot running water in the house just in time for Christmas.

“Looking back now I don’t know how I coped for so long without it. I was in a very dark place until the WMP Benevolent Fund put the life back into my house. I’m so grateful for all their help.” Valerie, police widower

“Having found myself at a difficult time in my life I was told about how the West Midlands Police Benevolent Fund can help people, like me, struggling to cope with the financial demands of everyday life. I had recently left my marital home and was finding it difficult to cope with the reality that I would have to start over and obtain everyday basic items again, that many of us take for granted.

As a member of the Benevolent Fund I applied for help and was amazed how quickly the Fund responded. They soon stepped in with assistance and gave me the help I needed.  Their help and support took a massive weight off my shoulders and gave me much needed breathing space. I will always be so grateful for their help and would urge people to join up. The small monthly members’ contribution of just £2 can make a massive difference to people like me in times of great need. Who knows, it may help you in the future, as it did me” Serving officer

“Thanks to the Benevolent Fund I am finally taking control of my finances. With a secure and well paid job I never imagined I would end up in this situation. However a few bad judgements and unexpected expenditure meant I was left with a mounting debt problem. The Benevolent Fund has completely turned my life around. The help and support I have received has been second to none. My debt is now being managed through Payplan which allows me to repay my loans at a rate I can afford. I no longer dread the postman coming or the phone ringing and can once again look forward to the future.”  Serving officer

“I would like to thank the Benevolent Fund for the work that you do. Because I am in an IVA, I am unable to get any kind of loan.  My old car was costing me a fortune in fuel and was very unreliable. I didn’t need a huge amount of money but the Ben Fund were able to give me a small grant which meant  I could trade in my large car to buy a smaller, newer vehicle.  This will end up saving me a lot of money and is one more step to getting my life back on the rails after my marital breakdown.” Serving officer

“I am writing to thank you for all your help with our bathroom. The WMP Benevolent Fund team have been wonderful in the handling of our case. We weren’t aware we could get any help having our toilet and bathroom converted until Joe Tildesley came to see us and told us we might get some help due to Steve’s health problems (Parkinson’s  Disease).  Within days, Joe phoned us and told us to go ahead with our conversion. We now have a beautiful shower room fit for purpose and accessible for Steve.” Retired officer

“I cannot thank you enough for your great assistance. The work to fit my wet room was done to a very high degree and life is now a lot easier.” Dave Cross, retired officer, Olton 

“Please pass on my sincere thanks to the committee for their kindness and understanding of my health problems. Prior to contacting the Benevolent Fund, we were unable to get assistance from the council due to the government budget cuts.” Trevor Reed, officer injured on duty

“I can’t thank you enough. It’s important for us all to know what a great organisation we contribute to because we never know when we may have an hour of need” Anthony Griffiths, serving officer

“With the fantastic support and understanding of Roz and the Benevolent Fund, I have been given my own personal space where I can place all my medical supplies away safely and have the time and space to do everything I need. What you have done for my family is truly wonderful. We can’t thank you enough.” Michelle, wife of Gary Cole, who is a serving Police Officer

“The thought of stopping driving didn’t feel right – I wanted to carry on. Last week I was told I’d been given a grant and I’ve paid off the small loan I had for the work done to my car. I’m really thankful to the Benevolent Fund for understanding how important this was to me. I would say to anyone who isn’t sure where to turn, take the plunge, explain what you need and let the Benevolent Fund decide if you are a suitable applicant.” Retired police officer

“The best thing about being on the Management Committee is being able to have a significant impact on people’s lives when they need it most. The more of us in the Fund, the better placed we are to help.” Inspector Greg Bates is the Sandwell LPU Intelligence Manager

“One reason why people should join – members play a part in helping colleagues and their families through the ups and downs of life.” Rev. John Butcher is Force Lead Chaplain based at Force HQ

“People often donate monthly to various worthwhile charities and never really know what their money is being spent on. Joining the Ben Fund means people are helping their colleagues when times are difficult and also giving themselves various lifetime member benefits. It’s a win-win situation.” Sergeant Rich Parker works in the Response unit in Coventry.

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