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Flint House

flinthouse_logoApply for Flint House, the Police Rehabilitation Centre in Goring

You can donate to the Police Rehabilitation Centre in Goring and then apply to go there. For more information about their facilities, visit

If you have donated to the Police Rehabilitation Centre in Goring for a minimum of 12 months, you can apply to stay there.

To apply just complete the application form on their website or we’ll send you a form if you contact us.

From January 2016 all retired officers admitted for treatment at Flint House will be charged £80 per day (£400 per five day stay) towards the cost of their treatment and accommodation. Retired police officers can apply by using the same application form. Goring will then contact you directly to arrange a stay.

As a member of the Ben Fund you’re entitled to £60 per year towards your travel costs to Goring. We’re automatically notified at the end of your stay and you will be sent a cheque within 14 working days.

If you would like to start contributing to Flint House, please send us your name, collar number and home address to and we will send you a membership card to complete. Please be aware that donations currently cost £9.21 per month, which is deducted from your salary each month.

For more information, please call us on 0121 700 1212 or click here.


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