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Protected members

Why are some members protected and paying £5 or £3.75?

Protected members pay more because they get the extra £600 private medical consultation limit and this category is ring-fenced or “protected” because it is no longer available  to new members. Protected members are people who joined the WMP Ben Fund before April 2013. Alternatively, they decided before April 2013 to stop paying into the Police Healthcare Scheme but stayed in the Benevolent Fund. This new definition was agreed by the Management Committee and Directors following the sale of PHS to Police Mutual.

Can I reduce my membership cost by changing from a protected member to a full member?

Yes, you can, but you will be unable to revert back at any stage.

Private Medical Consultations

How do I access private medical consultations? 

Firstly, it’s a good idea to check with the Benevolent Fund office on 0121 700 1212 (office hours 8.30am-4.30pm Mon-Wed) that you are eligible for this benefit. If you are, then you will need a referral from your GP and, after that, you simply arrange an appointment at any hospital to see a consultant or specialist.

Does it cover tests?

No, this benefit is for consultations only.

Who pays the bill?

We ask members to settle their bills and we will reimburse you.

Death Benefit

Why aren’t retired members eligible for the death benefit?

The Management Committee and Directors decided many years ago that members are no longer eligible for this benefit once they retire. The removal of this benefit is reflected in the cost of the subscription, which is why retired members pay less.

Applying for convalescence

St Michael’s Lodge

Will I be charged to stay at St Michael’s Lodge?

All our members receive an allowance of £350 to stay at the convalescence facility. If your stay exceeds this allowance you will be expected to pay the excess.

Do I need my doctor to sign my application form?

 Yes as part of your application we ask that you obtain written recommendation from your GP that a convalescence break would be beneficial.

Do I need to arrange my stay within a specific time period?

Yes we ask that you arrange a date to visit St Michael’s Lodge within a two month period of your application as we believe this is when you will benefit most from your stay.

Can I bring another adult with me to stay at the convalescence facility?

Yes, you are allowed to take another adult with you to accompany you during your stay, however the centre does not accommodate children.

Can I choose what days to attend?

We offer flexibility for your stay at St Michael’s Lodge. When you arrange your visit you will be asked if you wish to stay as a long weekend or take a midweek break. You also have the choice of full and half board or B&B.

 I have booked a weekend stay and have been told that the restaurant at St Michael’s Lodge is not open on these days, how do I arrange meals during my visit?

Members visiting over a weekend are given an additional allowance of £15 pppn to pay for lunch and dinner. We will reimburse you upon your return home. You are not required to provide receipts.

I would like to take advantage of physiotherapy during my stay is this available for me free of charge?   

Physiotherapy sessions are only available to members who stay during a midweek visit. The £350 allowance will fund up to three sessions of physio, additional physio can be booked by members and paid for directly with St Michael’s Lodge

Do I need to book these before I go?

Yes, as they get very busy and can’t always accommodate last minute requests.

Will the £350 allowance include my travel expenses?

No, our members allowance is to pay for the cost of accommodation, meals and any treatment during a stay and does not include additional travel expenses.

Is there additional treatment available as part of my stay?

St Michael’s Lodge occasionally offer special treatment, including holistic treatment days. We recommend you contact St Michael’s Lodge to enquire about additional treatment available.


Flint House

As a Ben Fund member, can I attend Flint House, the Police Rehabilitation Centre in Goring?  

Yes, but you need to make a monthly subscription of £7.48 per month which is deducted from your salary. You must have subscribed for at least 12 months before you can apply.

How do I subscribe? 

Contact us at the Benevolent Fund office and we’ll send you the relevant application form.

If I am retired can I still go to Goring?

If during your police service you subscribed to the Police Rehabilitation Centre at Goring, then you can apply in the normal way to go for one week each year.

Can I claim towards my travel to Goring?

You can claim £60 towards your expenses for one visit each year.  To apply for this benefit please contact the Benevolent Fund office once your application to stay at Goring has been approved.

Do I get the £60 travel benefit if I make use of the alternative convalescence?

The alternative convalescence costs the fund £350 per visit so, unfortunately, you do not get the travel benefit.

Applying for sickness vouchers

How often can I claim them?

You can claim one sickness voucher each year if you’re off sick for less than four months. If you’re off sick for more than four months you can claim a second voucher but you can’t claim more than two per year.

If I’m back at work after being off sick for more than 21 days can I still claim sickness vouchers?

Yes, providing your sickness ended no more than 6 months previously.

Can I have cash instead of sickness vouchers?

Unfortunately, there is no alternative to this benefit.

My voucher never arrived – can they be re-sent?

We keep a record of all vouchers despatched, and the address they were sent to. They cannot be cancelled or re-issued.

Peel’s Retreat, Weymouth holiday home

To view our full terms and conditions relating to your stay click here


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