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Here to help you
0121 752 4919

What We Do

We help people who are suffering distress or hardship – with anything from charitable grants and loans to medical consultations and convalescence. Our objectives are:

  • To relieve and alleviate poverty, deprivation, distress and hardship amongst the members of the company and their dependants
  • To provide financial assistance of every description including payments, loans, gifts, grants, donations, vouchers or contributions on death, retirement, ill health, convalescence or incapacity of a member

You will find a link here to personal testimonials kindly sent to us from our members to say thank you.

We’ve also posted case studies and videos that explain how and why the Fund has helped them.

For more information, please call us on 0121 752 4919 or click here.


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Here to Help You

With a range of
grants and loans.


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