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How We Work

The Benevolent Fund directors are ultimately responsible for all the decisions we take – they have the final say on grants and loans. They are also accountable for the money we spend and how we spend it – and for the way we govern the Fund.

Roz Payne, our committee secretary, takes care of the day-to-day running of the Fund, along with Jan Burchell, Della Poolton and Nicki Biddlestone.

Our management committee meet every six weeks and it’s their job to consider grant and loan applications and then recommend them to the Directors for approval.


Meeting dates for 2018

Friday 12 January

Friday 9 February

Friday 16 March

Friday 20 April

Friday 25 May

Friday 29 June AGM

Friday 14 September

Friday 12 October

Friday 16 November

Friday 14 December

The committee has a broad base of members – the members with a vote are there representing a group or association linked with West Midlands Police. The majority are from the Police Federation, but there are others from National Association of Retired Police Officers, Association of Chief Police Officers, and Superintendent’s Association.

We also have non-voting members who are closely connected with the Force such as employees from the Force Personnel Department and the Chaplaincy.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the Management Committee we would love to hear from you.

So how do we make decisions?

Cases are presented to us anonymously and then voted on by the management committee. This decision is then ratified by the Directors who meet around 10 times a year.

If the case is deemed an emergency, then two directors can sign off an application and the committee secretary can authorise spending up to £500.

How are we governed?

We file audited accounts at the end of every financial year and tax returns. The accounts are approved at the AGM which members are invited to and where they can ask questions. And copies of these documents are available to any member.

Our Directors and Management Committee do not receive any remuneration or honoraria but they can claim travel expenses. Serving officers who are Directors or members of the Management Committee are allowed to attend meetings during duty time.

For more information, please call us on 0121 700 1212 or click here.


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